Smart Phones Separating Generations!

Posted by Jamila Johar on August 3rd, 2018

Addiction is injurious to health! And while most narcotics damage a person’s Biological wellbeing, Smart Phones attack, point-blank one’s Social wellbeing. But isn’t it an irony that the devices meant to connect us with the world, are in fact, responsible for breaking our ties from our closed ones?

Smartphones have always been seen as the WEAPON OF THE YOUTH, but is it only the young minds being trapped in this dungeon, or are the adults the actual ringmasters! Do the youth exploit themselves on their own or are they just the path followers? Are they the assailant or are they the real victims? This drug has influenced the young and the old alike!

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

–Jimmy Dean
Smart Phones have trapped the YOUNG and the OLD alike!

In my past blogs, I have described what phone addiction is like and how a person slowly becomes an addict to their phones. And this time you are going to be the jury and judge for yourself whether your relationship with your phone is affecting your REAL-LIFE BONDS?

Teenage: The Age of the Lost!

Almost a majority of mobile phone users are teenagers. And as a proven fact they all waste a huge amount of their productive time on a list of useless activities. And hitting the top rank in that list is their cell phone with the added blessing of low rate internet facilities!

Teenage is the time to build- either CAREER or ADDICTION!

The favorite pass time of any teenager is to browse through their phones. Staring down at the posts, comparing stuffs, snap chatting each other, waking up early in the morning just to maintain their streaks…. The list goes on and on and on. They prefer to ignore than being ignored and so they pretend to be busy whenever they are alone. They love to tag their friends on memes but remain unaware of their surroundings. They do listen to people around but it’s just like a music system surround! And this incomplete attention leads to reduced retention!

Maybe we have failed as humans to develop connections. that’s why our generations depend for it on PHONES!

A cherry to the top, these pass times get converted into more dangerous obsessions like nomophobia or fear of being phoneless! Also, visualising life through social media often lets depression crawl in. And this mental stress usually gets reflected upon family. They are the ones who eventually face our ignorance, our involvement in our own world makes us detached from them, and it definitely affects the closeness of our relationships. We are all busy people and with growing aspects of life one hardly is able to find quality time anyways. And this engrossment into a virtual world makes us fall behind in our real lives!

Parents: The Path Leaders!

If it were a time 10 years before, we might have overlooked the fact that our parents too are mobile phone addicts. But today, with the young generation getting all tech savvy, how could their parents lag behind in the race?

What more a child need from their parents than their TIME and ATTENTION?

In the modern age, parents are more addicted to their phones than their children. There was a time when the entire family used to gather in the living area and together watch their favorite shows on the television. But now the entire family does gather but use their phones together. With all the attractive apps and easy-to-use interfaces, it is more interesting and exciting for our parents to indulge and enjoy these rare treasures.

This has caused a greater addiction amongst the adult generation than the teenagers. We can see ample cases of technoference- an interference by technology! Parents tend to have a greater relationship with their friends on social media than their own child. The child might be needing company but who can be heard over the earphones? This has developed a great communication gap amongst the generations and paved the way for the child to feel lonely, unheard, and left out. Ultimately, these insecurities result in children finding adverse ways to fill in the gaps, becoming either drug addicts or worse- Phone Addicts!

Alas! Phones have succeed in building gaps in  relationship rather than bridging them!

For this generations and the ones to come, these gadgets would always continue to create a SOCIAL DIVIDE amongst families. We have all lost our quality times with friends and family to these devices, which have cast a strong spell on us. And it would be not so far a day when “FAMILIES” would be strangers living under the same roof!

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