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Posted by Jamila Johar on July 2, 2018

Day in and day out, we are all surrounded by technology. No doubt it has made our lives very easy and abstract but it has also increased our dependency at certain points. And maybe we can do without most of them at times, but one thing that has become essential to our living is MOBILE PHONE!

Don’t agree? Imagine this! You are at a wedding where you hardly know anyone. It’s like you are Alice in the Wonderland! So what do you do? You grab your phone from your pocket and indulge in it to pretend not being alone. Your phone offers you a companionship in endless such situations where you might find yourself aloof. And eventually you seem to forget the place, the time, the people you are with and all you tend to remember is your phone.

Share food with your HEART not with your PHONE!

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

–Jimmy Dean

So where did it all go wrong? The time when you unlocked your phone to avoid the embarrassment of being alone. But what else could you do? You could have tried to grab your guts and talk. Instead of your virtual companion maybe you could have found an actual friend! But that was the tough route right! And your phone wouldn’t have allowed that.

This is just one scenario. And every day we encounter innumerable such situations. Phones are surely an aid to help us but with time they have become the most addictive drug! We start our day browsing our Instagram feeds, texting morning messages to friends and catching up on the world. We need them during meals because eating is so boring otherwise! We use them in public places, at work, while driving and even let them intrude our private time (Cause no one likes counting bathroom tiles, after all!).

We are incredibly DISCONNECTED today, due to the devices meant to CONNECT us!

But with all these we have forgotten the actual purpose of these SMART devices – COMMUNICATION! And it is sad to notice that they have constantly proved to gust a gap between people. The phone addiction has made us forget our time with friends and family. We waste almost all our day in useless streaming and have lost our productivity. We read online, we chat online, we even can’t remind ourselves of our own things and there too we need phones. Long story short, we have locked ourselves in the shackles of SMART PHONE ADDICTION!

Aah! Realisation! Pretty stressing? Want to get rid of the addiction and yet are not willing to abandon your phones? Maybe to break these shackles you don’t need to give up your phones altogether. Maybe all you need is a magic wand to undo the spell of your phones. And maybe there were an app to help you find your way out of this addiction!

For treating any disease you need to know the pattern of its working. And that’s how YourHour app helps you. This app is your constant guide in tracking your phone usage, letting you know about it, and helping you subside the urge to use your phone. The results are surely surprising!

The app is focused mainly upon letting you know the total number of time you access your phone, the number of hours you spend on different apps, a daily timeline of your phone’s activities and a report of your daily and weekly phone usage. With these features it helps you recognize the most addictive apps in your device and how much time of your day do you remain stuck in there!

Here are top features of the app:

★ The Dashboard: Your gateway to your day!

The dashboard of YourHour provides you all the essential information you need to know about your day long phone usage. The app keeps a track on your “Total Screen ON Time” and “Total Phone Unlock Count” and thereby, gives a comparative info graph of your weeklong activity.

★ The Report: We Remind you!

YourHour provides its users Daily and Weekly report cards for their app usage. The Daily usage report reviews the usage on individual apps, with app run-time and app launch count for each app separately. You can also view the Daily App Timeline to know the breakdown of the app’s daylong usage. Also, a consolidated report notification is sent, before you mark it as an end of the day. The Weekly usage report will summarise the last 7 days phone usage and unlock count for you. The user can also see how much time he has spent on individual apps and app launch count for each day throughout the week.

★ The “Clock Timer”: See your time slip by!

YourHour app comes with a Float “Clock Timer” that you can activate on all your addicting apps. Henceforth, every time you launch your addictive app, we show you a nicely designed ticking “Clock Timer” next to it. You are free to drag and drop it wherever you want. This way you can be aware of each minute of your precious time that you remain glued to non-productive apps. We don’t block your app notifications or calls like other apps because we want YOU to be the best judge of YOUR time. So we keep you aware at every possible juncture.

★ The Phone Diary: Your Phone’s Routine!

The daily usage timeline shows the entire day schedule of your phone in one go. What you used, when you used and for how much time did you use it. It tells you each small detail and also shows you the happy hours! (no phone usage hour). 

★ The Goal Challenge: Hit that goal!

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. With YourHour you can set your phone usage time. Thus, as you come nearby your goal for the day, the app reminds you of the same and aware you that you are done for the day!

★The Amazing Facts: Learn along the run!

YourHour cares for you. And so, with your daily report on app usage it gives you some facts, figures, and quotes to remind you of how much your health is important to us.

★ The Share: Coz sharing is caring!

You can share your daily and weekly reports with friends and family and have fun comparing your results and improve together for the better.

With more exciting features coming across to help you keep Your Time in Your Hand, the YourHour app is a complete digital solution for detoxification of your phone addiction. Let’s take our steps towards being SMART USERS of our phones and not just owners of SMART PHONES! 

Download your medicine now on Google Play Store, and start your treatment today!

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