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Here are special features of YourHour App!


Do a challenge to decrease your phone addiction


We are providing Daily,Weekly and Monthly usage reports,which helps to remove cell phone addictions

Addiction level

This screen calculated, by your last seven days usage time.And Identify your cell phone addiction level

Usage Graph

This Feature shows your usage report in form of graph

Flowting Timer

This feature helps to know your usage screen time

Many More Features

In YourHour app more features are available like Dark Mode,Usage per 30 Min, Attractive Dashboard .

Affordable Price

Every one can get Premium version of YourHour App!


  • Free
  • Fun Challenges
  • Daily Reports
  • Floating Timer
  • App lock
  • Multiple Langauges
  • Many More Features


  • Life Time Validity
  • No ads
  • Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Exports report to PDF
  • Exports entire data in excel
  • customize start of the day
  • Dark Mode

Trail Version

  • 14 days validity
  • No ads
  • weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Fun Challenges
  • start Time of the day
  • Dark Mode

Behind the Scenes

Meet the team who manages the application & works tirelessly, to provide a seamless experience to YourHour users ..

Rahul Purswani


Shailendra Kushwah

Intellinx Developer

Prashant Shukla

Intellinx Developer

Shubham Nandanwar

Android Developer

Users Say

what our users say about us! It shows our work.

Johanna Kiefer


Super App to monitor and regulate mobile phone usage. Easy to use. The floating clock in traffic light colors is also very successful. I like the fact that there are now challenges that limit the use of mobile phones. I would like it, however, if you could sivh even set challenges even with individual times and if it would be possible at certain times of the day to automatically disable the Smartphone completely.

Moaz Tabosh


Really really helpful and completely free. I've reduced my affection from over 8 hours a day to 2.5 and soon less than that. If anybody wants to help change they addiction YourHour app is really helpful.

Victoria Nunez


The best 😅 made me realize the real problem that I have and before I had not become aware of the magnitude.

Kunal Bajaj


YourHour app has really changed my view for Myself. i used to think i am not addicted to phone.. Till I realized I wasted 6-7 Hours daily on my Phone.. This app is Reallllllyyyyy Awesome! Thanks alot!


Alright, i am typing this from bed cos couldn't help but thank you guys for this. i just grabbed the phone to open the Insta for like 35th time in a day and it was locked as your app gave me option to time the individual app usage and thence it was so easy to put the phone down. i was wowed by the digital detoxification that is induced by the app in my behaviour. ❤️. recommend to all. Minimalistic design, precise information, easy navigation and no ads. May the force be with you. Tx again.

Simone Monti


It does what it says and well. Great to try to limit the use of the cell and great to be able to block the app after X time. Both for self-regulation of adults and for not letting any children be exceeded.



An application that everyone should use. You won't believe how much time you've spent per phone.

"YOUNG V/S THE OLD!"-Smart Phones Seperating Generations!

Addiction is injurious to health! And while most narcotics damage a person’s Biological wellbeing,Smart Phones attack, point blank to one’s Social wellbeing. But isn’t it an irony that the devices meant to connect us with the world, are in fact,responsible for breaking our ties from our closed ones?

"MOBILE ADDICTION" - The Show Behind!

A Journey to the Start of Phone Addiction!
It is often said, “Change is the inevitable truth”. Things change, situations change and people change. It spares no one.And this change never happens overnight. Like one day you suddenly wake up and, hola! You are a changed being!

The New Social Drug - "PHONE ADDICTION"

A Digital solution to it - "YourHour App"
The app is focused mainly upon letting you know the total number of time you access your phone, the number of hours you spend on different apps, a daily timeline of your phone’s activities and a report of your daily and weekly phone usage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs about the app! These might help to clear all your queries!

What does the graph on the Dashboard Represent?

The graph depicts your unlock counts for the Past 7 Days in the form of a Bar Chart. So , if it's Wednesday today, the graph goes on to the last Thursday!

Why does the Unlock Counts appear zero when the app is installed?

The Unlock Counts are calculated from the point you install the app. Thus, they appear as zero on first view.

Then why does the Phone Usage time show value even for yesterday?

The time for which you use your Phone is derived from the system and so, I show you information about the average of past day's usage and the day going on! And then its reset everyday, for you, at midnight, 00:00 hours!

When and how many notifications does the app provide?

My friend, I would come daily at 9:30 p.m., to notify you of your Daily Usage Report and visit you once a week on Sunday at 11:00 give you , your "Weekly Report". However, you can always choose the time of your preference (Settings > Set Daily Report Time/ Set Weekly Report Time) for our meetings!

What is the "Float Timer" and why does it change color?

Float Timer is one of my helpers to get you out of your addiction. It appears on all your apps so that , you can see for yourself, the time slipping by. Also, my buddy cares alot for you, so he changes color as you reach near your usage limit. By default I have set your usage for individual apps at 30 minutes. Although you can customise it as per your convenience. My buddy becomes AMBER after you reach 70% of your set usage for the app and RED once you cross 100%. You would not try to make him that angry, would you?

What does the Timeline depict?

The Timeline is a sequential diary of "What's Been Cooking" , the whole day round. It records the time you launched an app, the time you spent there, the apps you switched over, etc. In short, it is the WHAT, WHEN and HOW MUCH of all your apps. However, if you be consistent with your goal, and keep that screen away for more than 10 minutes, that time will be your HAPPY TIME ! But that doesn't mean you break your vow after 10 minutes!

Where Does the Daily Report generate?

The Daily Report can be viewed at any time on the Tap That App screen (second right swipe from the Dashboard). It will display the apps you've been using and the time you've spent on each of them, out of your daily limit. With one tap on the app, you can see the timeline of the app alongwith the app lauch count! The Weekly report is one swipe away from there on the "Sneak Through the Week" screen. It will show you , your weekly average and week long usage for each app on just a tap!

Why does the Dashboard change it's color?

Just like my Timer buddy, the app Dashboard also changes color as you reach your Overall Usage Limit. This is also customisable in the Settings > Themes option.